THE REGS: A “Killer Rock n Roll Band”


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January 2018

6  Premier Billiards – Coral Springs  10pm to 2am
13 Key West Sea Food Festival 3PM at Bayview Park, Key West
26 Nectar Lounge – Coconut Creek Casino  8pm to 11pm
28 Gilberts Resort – Key Largo  1pm to 6pm


3 Cagney’s Saloon – Davie  10pm – 2am
23 Johnny O’Brians – Coconut Creek 9pm to 1am
25 Gilbert’s Resort – Key Largo  1pm to 6pm


3 Premier Billiards – Coral Springs  10pm to 2am
16 Cagney’s Saloon – Davie  10pm – 2am
25 Gibert’s Resort – Key largo  1pm to 6pm


THE REGS, are a pure non-stop adrenaline, Live Rock n Roll Band. In the past year 2015 they have performed with Joe Lynn Turner, John Popper, Buck Dharma, Carmine Appice, Simon Kirk, and Corey Glover. Performing Music Live From Rainbow, Deep Purple, Blues Traveler, Blue Oyster Cult, Vanilla Fudge, Bad Company, Living Colour, and Prince. Aside from perform Live with the above mentioned artist, The REGS perform a “ROCKSTAR” Quality show. Covering Hard Driving Rock Music performing at high professional performance level. Pink Floyd, Queen, AD/DC, ZZ TOP, PearlJam, THE DOORS, Blue Oyster Cult, The Who, LedZepplin, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, ect… ROCK MUSIC driven with a heavy dose of guitar – The Driving Sound wave is delivered by Scotty Migone, one of the very best guitar players that will ever hear performing live. Little John is the front man, performing lead vocals for most of the show material and managing the business of the band.  Ricky Sanders and Miguel Gonzales are veteran musicians, both are accomplished touring and studio professionals that are capable of lead vocals and are strong contributors to the sound and performance of the show experience delivering beat, bass line and vocals.

      The Band has been together for over 15 years. Performing in local clubs and bars, and many South Florida local Music Festivals from Key West to Palm Beach. The band has BMI Credit for 2 Albums the album “PHILTH” and “THE REGS”.  Their ORIGINAL music can be purchased on iTunes, CD Baby, and Reverbnation. You will not find a more suitable band for Hard, Classic, Alternative and Modern Rock from one group of Musicians. 

The Regs Band is available for Corporate and Private events. They are well suited for performing live as a stage band for any A-List Rock Vocalist. Their brand of music can be heard live most weekends in and around the South Florida area. They typically play 7 to 9 shows per month.


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