January 1, 2018 The Regs Band- Scotty Migone, John Gregg, Miguel Gonzales, and Ricky Sanders

2017 brought a line-up change adding Ricky Sanders as the new full time permanent Drummer to the band. With the exit of Kenny Wendland  from the band line-up May 2017, the search for a permanent replacement took several months.  Naming Sanders and the full time replacement in late November. Scotty Migone was busy in studio with 80’s Band “Gypsy Queen”. The release of a New Gypsy Queen album in Late 2017, marked a return of the group that Scotty co-founded in the Fort Lauderdale Music Scene in 1986. Little John embarked on another live performance project, “Havablast”. John Gregg’s Havablast debut was in December 2017, after a postponement by Hurricane Irma which wrecked havoc across the florida keys and south florida. By all accounts the band will have a continued impact on the South Florida Music Scene. Music venues will include Gilberts Resort, Little Hoolies, The Nectar Lounge, Premier Billiards, and Music Festivals include the Key West Seafood Festival, & The Original Marathon Seafood Festival.

January 1, 2016- The Regs Band  Scotty Migone, John Gregg aka Little John, Miguel Gonzales, and Kenny Wendland

2016 THE REGS Miguel Gonzales, Little John, Kenny Wendland and Scotty Migone

2016 THE REGS Miguel Gonzales, Little John, Kenny Wendland and Scotty Migone

January 1, 2016
THE REGS, are an intense, high performance, Live Rock Band. In the past year 2015 they have performed with Joe Lynn Turner, John Popper, Buck Dharma, Carmine Appice, Simon Kirk, and Corey Glover. Performing Music Live From Rainbow, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Bad Company, Living Colour, and Prince. Aside from perform Live with the above mentioned artist, The REGS perform a “ROCKSTAR” Quality show. Covering Hard Driving Rock Music performing at high professional performance level. Pink Floyd, Queen, AD/DC, ZZ TOP, PearlJam, THE DOORS, Blue Oyster Cult, The Who, LedZepplin, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, ect… ROCK MUSIC driven with a heavy dose of guitar – The Driving Sound wave is delivered by Scotty Migone, one of the very best guitar players that will ever hear performing live. Little John is the front man, performing lead vocals for most of the show material and managing the business of the band.  Kenny Wendland and Miguel Gonzales are veteran musicians, both are accomplished touring and studio professionals that are capable of lead vocals and are strong contributors to the sound and performance of the show experience delivering beat, bass line and vocals.

      The Band has been together for 15 years. Performing in local clubs and bars, and many South Florida local Music Festivals from Key West to Palm Beach. The band has BMI Credit for 2 Albums the album “PHILTH” and “THE REGS”.  Their ORIGINAL music can be purchased on iTunes, CD Baby, and Reverbnation. You will not find a more suitable band for Hard, Classic, Alternative and Modern Rock from one group of Musicians. 

January 2015, The REGS
new line up is beginning to click and make some great music. New comers on bass Miguel Gonzales and Kenny Wendland on drums. Scotty played with Miguel Gonzales in Cypress and Kenny Wendland in Gypsy Queen. Both can sing too! Which will take a little pressure off of little John on the vocals. The lineup is tight and musically sound. This will bring a different and new song set to feature the vocals of Miguel and Kenny. Increasing the score also brings a whole new dimension of Scotty Migone’s Guitar Voice too. 8/1/2013 THE REGS and little John announcement. The ISLAND ROCK MUSIC FESIVALS for Keys Charities have confirmed a date to hold the 1st IRMF event featuring THE REGS and The OUTLAWS. Saturday October 26th at Gilberts Resort and Marina. We are adding a new venue The Pilot House In Key Largo.

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7/1/2013 New Venue added for THE REGS- Homefield Sports Bar in Kendall at 8575 SW 124 Avenue (Kendall Drive West of the turnpike in the REGAL CINEMA Shopping Center) Big Stage with a Big Dance Floor. Scheduled for August 23rd.

4/1/2013 THE REGS,THE MIAMI SPRINGS RIVERFEST is on April 9th. Scotty, little John, Jaime and Myke are Rocking the Keys on a regular schedule Gilberts Resort, Boondocks, & Smugglers Cove. South Dade at Little Hoolies and THE BAR. Reaching out to Broward at Cagney’s in Davie for a couple of perfomances too. —keep a look out for the new schedule of club dates.

*Many videos from the performace are posted on youtube and facebook. Thanks to Maria T. Gonzales with, Lou Schwartz, and Alfredo many pictures and videos of the performance are now available.


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THE REGS 2009 to 2015 Myke Young, Scotty Migone, John Gregg and Jaime Vila


3/01/2013 THE REGS, it has been a busy 1st quarter forTHE REGS a full club date schedule plus, they are Headlining on the Music Festival circuit of South Florida, The South Dade Food and Rock Festival on Feb 23rd, The Marathon Seafood Festival on March 9th and THE MIAMI SPRINGS RIVERFEST on April 9th. Scotty, little John, Jaime and Myke rocked the crowd in Homestead on February 23rd. Many videos from the performace are posted on youtube and facebook. Thanks to Maria T. Gonzales with, Lou Schwartz, and Alfredo many pictures and videos of the performance are now available. Rocking the Keys on a regular schedule Gilberts Resort, Boondocks, Smugglers Cove. South Dade at Little Hoolies and THE BAR. Reaching out to Broward at Cagney’s in Davie for a couple of perfomances too. Little John was a strong showing in a local radio wwnn 1440 contest BEST VOCALS contest… Thanks to John Spano and Spanos Big Radio Show. More Press for THE REGS at Amplified Magazine Miami and The Band is working on a couple of Music Videos that will be out by Mid- June… keep a look out for the new schedule of club dates. 1/3/2013 THE REGS, Scotty Migone and Little John, have been working to secure larger shows and venues. Up-coming January 13th at Marathon Community Park, Conch Records will be filming THE REGS live performance to aire on the Keys Network. New Dad’s- John and Myke have been busy at home with new born son’s. Jaime can be heard at the Wednesday and Thursday Night JAM BAND sessions. Scotty Migone, has an extensive schedule of performances schedule through 2013. There are a couple of articles pending, Amplified Magazine and Music Miami have articles forthcoming.


11/12/2012 THE REGS, headlined the 1st Palmetto Bay Food and Music Festival- which was dubbed Veterans Day in Palmetto Bay, honoring US American Veteran’s. TOYS- Thinking of YOU Services was on-hand generating letters to send to US Soldiers stationed around the globe. TOYS also generated certificates of appreciation to all veterans attending the day of music. More than 1400 people attended the daily event of music infused festivities. Lucas Young, arrived on the scene in early November, Congratulations to Myke and Amy on the newest arrival to THE REGS FAMILY! 2013 Shows will be announced soon! The expectation is 3 to 5 local shows per month. With additional Florida Keys dates added throughout the winter months. more to come… 10/1/2012 We have a short public schedule for October. We are playing with Wyland at Boondocks and hitting the local spots Little Hoolies and Gilberts Resort, and adding Smugglers Cove to the mix. Next month, The REGS are headlining Veteran’s Day in Palmetto Bay 11.11.12 The Palmetto Bay Food and Music Festival. We are looking forward to it… 9/1/2012 The bands is slated to play two high profile events in the coming months, “Palmetto Bay Food and Music Festival” and “The Toy Run” at Markham Park. The Palmetto Bay Food and Music Festival is Live-N-Local (little John) and Florida Rock Stars, Inc event. The past two years it was held in the REDLANDS in June, during the rainy season. “We moved the event and enlisted Florida Rock Stars, Inc a local festival promotions company to help with the heavy lifting and planning”. In December we are the feature band at the TOY RUN sponsored by Wings of Gold Motor Cycle Club. We are excited to bring our brand of High Energy Entertainment to Broward County for this charitable event. 8/1/2012 THE REGS are schedule to play (2) Festivals in the upcoming months. Palmetto Bay Food and Music Festival. Palmetto Bay Food and Music Festival is Sunday November 11th in Palmetto Bay at the Palmetto Bay Village Center. Friday- August 31st, THE REGS are playing at Smugglers Cove- it has been a while since THE REGS have played south of the KEY LARGO city limits. THE REGS have been a regular feature of the Florida Keys & Miami-Dade Rock Scene for the past 10 years. August will be the first month of limited public shows and events, with only 5 show dates scheduled for the month. Come hear us LIVE! 7/1/2012 THE REGS, The opportunity to play Music Festivals, Private Parties and Special Events has impacted the bands availability to play local bars and clubs. Local public CLUB DATE appearances will be limited to (1) ONE Show Date in Monroe, Miami-Dade, & Broward County a month. Gilberts Resort in Key Largo, Little Hoolies in South Miami and JG McGuinness Irish Pub in Weston. “Thanks to eveyone for being there for us week after week. NOW it will be just have to be more of an occasion- instead of every weekend.. Love you all and see you soon!!” little John 6/28/2012 THE REGS appreciate your your support, the new schedule will take effect beginning in August. The REGS- Scotty, Johnny, Jamie & Myke… Will continue to be the Hottest Rock Music act in South Florida. Limiting our local dates, will make each show an occasion to be celebrated with our TRUE grass roots fans. 6/1/2012 Summer is here and heating up the stage even more…Its cookin!! Thanks for still hanging out and beatin the heat with cold beer cocktails galor… We got a long way to go friends. so let’s keep rockin the summer with the Regs.. thanks!! Palmetto Bay Food & Music Festival- November 11th another festival for you with all of our friends at the Palmetto Bay Village Center in November with:The Regs- Mr Nice Guy- Eclipse- 3Feet Closer Band and the X’s Music…Food Trucks and fun for all Ages l.john 5/1/2012 April Showers, bring may flowers: Our first rainout of 2012, Gilberts Resort, they need a Rock-DOME. Speaking of rainouts- Plans are in the works from Live-N-Local, “Southern Jam” is taking flight, moving from a June (rainy season) showdate to NOVEMBER 2012 to avoid the South Florida Rainy Season. This years event is schedule for Palmetto Bay Park. THE REGS will be one of the Feature BAND’s on the fight card. more to come…. 4/1/2012 THE REGS, had a short schedule in March. That did not meant that you had to endure a month without little John, Jaime Vila, & Scotty Migone. If you happen to be in New Orleans or Atlanta for the Blues Festival, Scotty was performing with millie j. Jaime, can be heard at the cutler bay and little hollies jam nights and little John was rocking it with s.mildred/eclipse/&3ft. The short schedule didn’t mean they were on vacation. Scott and John, are collaborating on new material and the band is working on an original music set list. 3/1/2012 Fresh off the release of their Music Video “Brooklyn Rain”. The Regs are back on in the studio, working on new tracks. They have also reserved space at Cookie Studios for early April to shoot follow up Music Videos form selected tracks from THE REGS album. Videographer, Donald the D-Man has made some recommendations and is processing the necessary paperwork for some arial segments. Up coming on schedule- The Marathon Seafood Festival and St Patricks Day at J.G. McGuinness Irish Pub- you can’t get much more Irish or festive than at a pub named after the frothy brew of the of the Irish brethren. MORE to come… 2/1/2012 The band released the “Brooklyn Rain” video, January 2012. The much acclaimed cinematographer Donald (THE D-Man) Tabor put the band on notice with his rigorous shooting schedule. With much of the footage being shot at the famed COOKIE Studios, in the center of the universe for ROCK/Metal Band music video production in The Performing Arts District of The City of Hialeah. The D-man, moved the entire crew to the less exotic location of New York City featuring shots of a somewhat famous Bridge, Neighborhood and Skyline. While in New York on location, the weather was less than co-operative for THE D-Man. He enlisted the service and expertise of Danny “the Raynman” who did the impossible, he MADE IT RAIN! Amplified Magazine Feb-12 “BROOKLYN RAIN”- video link 1/1/2012 Looking back on 2011… WOW what a year… 86 shows, including THE REGS 10 Year Anniversary Show with Blue Oyster Cults’, Buck Darhma, 5-Festival Appearances and NASCAR Championship Weekend at the the Homestead Motor Speedway. Thanks to all of our fans, friends and Families. THANKS FOR COMING TO hear THE REGS “LIVE” in 2011! Thanks for your support! little John, Scotty Migone, Jaime Vila and Myke Young “THE REGS, play music the way it was meant to be heard… LIVE!” The Band Scotty Migone, “The BEST guitar player, YOU NEVER HEARD OF”* shreds licks and solos- everything from Stevie Ray Vaughn, Slash, Skynard, Van Halen, Keith Richards, and Pete Townshend… see THE REGS Album review in Amplified Magazine. “If you have never seen or heard him play. It will be a treat” *Amplified Magazine, June 2011 Little John, Lead Vocals “Biggest Voice in South Florida” HIGH ENERGY packs a high wired musical punch. Myke Young, Bass Guitar and Jaime Vila, Percussion and backup Vocals THE REGS, 2nd Album “THE REGS” is now available for sale at all of our shows. Ten (10) original tracks written and scored by Little John and Scotty. The Cd’s are $10 each. The hardest working band in South Florida has a full schedule slated through the end of this year. Check out our schedule and come hear us play. Come see us and support our efforts by buying our ALBUMS “PHILTH” and “THE REGS”. We appreciate your support.

2006 Philth © Copyright-SCOTT MIGONE, Little John Record Label: Philthy Phace Records

2011 THE REGS © Copyright-SCOTT MIGONE, Little John Record Label: indie Scotty Migone Music BMI and Mad Rock Music BMI

Photos by:  LOUPC/Louis Schmaltz  Video Links: yourtube Loupc
Photos by : Donnie Tabor

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